Best Character Updates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0

Update 2.0 has arguably brought massive changes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Having so many changes in the game, one might have missed the updates select characters got. Let's take a closer look at some characters who got impressive changes. 


Luna can be found by going to sleep in a bed in your house. You just have to select the “Yeah, I want to sleep…” option, this option will enable Luna for you. This is dream suite update. 


Nat - Bug teacher 

Nat was only in the posters on players’ islands. But with the recent update Nat will now teach you Entomology. But you will only be able to get in touch with Nat if you purchase the expansion pack.



Celeste will now teach some latest DIY recipes. It's good to see that the players will now have more reasons to interact around the village. 



After you finish the DJ KK event, you can then also invite Wilbur to dance along. This is known to be the best update as after all the handwork Willbur did for the players, he can finally get a break from the work. 



With the 2.0 update, players can now visit special characters on Harv’s Island. Well luckily Saharah and Kicks are the two among those few characters. Saharah and Kicks have also got a few new items in their inventory.


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