The best Co-op games available on Playstation, xbox, and pc in 2021

If you are looking for the best games to play and experience the visuals with your friends, you should definitely check our list of the 7 best co-op games of 2021. 

Dying light 

This game, along with awesome graphics, also brings along the four player cooperative multiplayer mode. This is one game that will take you on explorations. 

Credit: light 

It Takes Two 

An action adventure Co-op game. Just as its name goes, this game is a two player game. You can play with one of your companions online or locally.

Credit: Takes Two 

Back 4 blood 

It is one game that could actually be called as another left 4 dead, and is from the same developers, “Valve”. The pretty adventures of zombies along with your friends is what this game is. 

Credit: 4 blood 

Far Cry 6 

This has to be here. You are fighting the most awesome villain here, who is actually dedicated towards his country. Well best of luck with that one now. 

Credit: Cry 6 

Monster Hunter Rise 

You can go up to four players in this co-op game. If you and your friends have a Nintendo Switch it could be an awesome way to have a Monster Hunter Party. 

Credit: hunter rise 


Craft, build along with your viking friends.  If you are a huge fan of Scandinavian people and of their art of crafting you should get into this game ASAP!


Samurai Warriors 5 

This one is sort of a reboot of the warriors series. This new reboot has got hyper attacks which will surely melt down your face.

Credit: Warriors 5 

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