Best Exploration Games To play on PlayStation, xbox, and Nintendo in 2021

Put on your boots and get ready to explore some virtual lands which are beyond your imaginations. These are the top 7 exploration games. 


This game is sort of a sandbox but is actually a physics puzzle game. Here you can possess any object or even an animal.



You are stuck in a time loop on a hostile planet. And each time you die, technology evolves and  the world gets more hostile.


Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1

A younger and less experienced sherlock lives in meditaranean. Solve mysteries in an open world sandbox. 

Credit: Holmes Chapter 1

Zelda Breath of the Wild Two 

Danon has not been defeated and is living in the bottom of the castle. The malice that grows out of him might be stronger this time.

Credit: Breath of the Wild Two 


Glide around and fight in an open world being an animal. You can also do tons of experiments while creating your character.


Horizon Forbidden West 

An important sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West takes Aloy on yet another perilous search for answers

Credit: Forbidden West 

Everspace 2

Everspace 2 is an upcoming AA game with tons of loot and space exploration, with the elements of an RPG

Credit: 2

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