Best fighting games 2021

If you are into fighting and like to be a legend, here are the top 7 fighting games of 2021. 

Guilty Gear: Strive 

This is the best entry in the guilty gear series. With the newly implemented network this game will give its player a smoother experience. 

Credit: Gear: Strive 
GTA Online

Metal Revolution

It's a cyberpunk themed fighter which happens in a neo-tokyo sort of city. There are beautiful arenas and really strong characters to choose from. 

Credit: Revolution

The King of Fighters XV

Another legendary fighting game from CAPCOM. This one will have a new and improved engine. This game will be very interesting and will have high visuals. 

Credit: King of Fighters XV

Die by the Blade

This is a 1 vs 1 fighting game, where you are a samurai fighting another samurai. Its combat is inspired by the legendary Bushido Blade. 

Credit: by the Blade

 Melty Blood Type Lumina 

This one is based on a novel called Tsukihime,  Melty Blood Type Lumina is a 2D fighting game. It  has got a list of all the 10 major characters from the novel. 

Credit: Melty Blood Type Lumina 

Phantom Breaker: Omnia 

This one is another classic which is coming back. This time this game will have a huge upgrade and will also have all the 10 characters with 2 new extra characters. 

Credit: Breaker: Omnia 

Project L

This game is still under beta and is highly inspired by Rising Thunder. Because of which it is taking time to get a launch date.

Credit: L

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