best final fantasy games of all time

This RPG has taken over millions of hearts, and also has lasted for a long time now. Let's talk about the best Final Fantasy games of all time. 

Final Fantasy VI

The 1994’s Final Fantasy VI is an absolute triumph in every sense. It featured a stellar cast of more than a dozen characters and ushered in the steampunk-style world design that carried over the PlayStation games. 

Credit: Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X great till date. Talking about the visuals, they were totally next level, making the Asian inspired lands of Spira and character models look more realistic than ever before. 

Credit: Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XII

The wondrous world of Ivalice is filled with interesting characters and richly detailed environments. Along with the combat, which were incredible as well as deep. 

Credit: Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy IX

The world of Gaia dropped science fiction in favor of a more medieval vibe seen in early entries. Final Fantasy IX had visuals which topped out the power of the PS1’s 32-bit capabilities. 

Credit: Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV turned the franchise into a juggernaut. Final Fantasy IV ushered in the active time battle era, a system that continued uninterrupted until Final Fantasy X.

Credit: Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII, reinvented the active time battle wheel. In this game each main character had a set weapon that drastically affected their combat style. The biggest change in Final Fantasy VIII was the increased emphasis on summoning. 

Credit: Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VII

Arguably the most iconic entry in the series. Final Fantasy VII has a brilliant and transgressive story, featuring some of the most deservedly beloved characters, both good and villainous, in series history.

Credit: Fantasy VII

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