best games coming to Xbox this year 

One must have heard the phrase, with new year comes new opportunities (pun intended). So We give you opportunities to look at the top new games coming to Xbox. 

The Dark Pictures House of Ashes 

This game again puts us in the supernatural territory, where you have to escape the mysterious abyss.

Credit: Dark Pictures House of Ashes 

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 

The devs have entered the realm of Final Fantasy with their signature hack n slash moves. The combat and graphics are assumed to be fun here. 

Credit: of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 

Forza Horizon 5

Looking at the trailer, this game has got some really face melting graphics. Well not just that but this game has even got some photorealistic visuals. 

Credit: Horizon 5

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

Well this game is coming to Xbox that is great news, but wait there's more. This game has now collaborated with the movie Top Gun Maverick. 

Credit: Flight Simulator 

Shadow Warrior 3

Game play seems to be the same, where players slice during the fights. But in this new game you can now beat your opponent in style. 

Credit: Warrior 3


Really awesome animation and the urge to save his life, the protagonist travels through a few dystopian atmospheres. 


Battlefield 2042

This one has to be the most awaited game ever. The one biggest battlefield game with its trailer making walks around the globe.

Credit: 2042

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