Best Gta 5 missions of all time

GTA 5 has been out for almost a decade now and with a new Grand Theft Auto title rumored to be in the works, here is a throwback to all the best GTA 5 missions players loved doing in the game. It would be interesting to see if GTA 6 could manage to beet such an immersive storyline that GTA 5 had.

Blitz Play

The crew is involved in a shootout of massive proportions as the three protagonists are tasked to rob an armored truck filled with funds for the IAA.

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Lamar Down

Franklin and Trevor's best friend Lamar is taken hostage by the Ballas Gang and now it is up to the trio to ensure that get him out of there alive.

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The Jewel Store

One of the most authentic feeling heists in GTA 5, the Jewel Store job offers players a variety of options such as choosing their crew and method of robbery.

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The Bureau Raid

The heist in the FIB building only involves two protagonists since Michael has upset Trevor. While it provides a much subtle option of entering as a janitor, it also has an option of a roof raid.

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The Paleto Score

The Paleto Score mission took GTA 5 heistst to a whole new level with military gear used to tob a bank holding $8 million and the army coming in to stop the robbery.

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The Big Score

The Big Score is a dream heist where the protagonists finally manage to break in the Union Depository that houses gold bars worth billions. Whether players use the stealth approach or the loud one, completing this has them set for life.

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The Third Way

Credit: YouTube/GTASeriesVideos

The third way is one of the three choices players have on how they want to finish their long and interesting GTA 5 journey, and it is without a doubt the best one.

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