Best Looter Shooter Games Available on PlayStation, xbox, and PC

Looter Shooter is a fun genre is the game is upto the mark in a variety of different aspects. let's take a look at some of the best ones available at the moment

Borderlands 3

This whole franchise is responsible for the looter shooter genre. This third installment continues the story of borderlands 2.

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Payday 2

You need to complete contracts, here you kidnap people and rob high security banks. The money you earn later acn be spent on  buying new weapons.

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Shadow Warrior 2

This game has got indistinctive gameplay. Your character is supposed to kill demons with a huge arsenal of weapons.



This game concentrates more on guns and then on capabilities.  Here you can turn enemies into dust with time blending blades.



In this game you kill genetically enhanced soldiers as well as aliens. You also have control over time using limbo, you can freeze time.


Destiny 2

With multiple campaigns, Destiny 2 has got a lot of free content which  you can play solo, multiplayer or even co-op.

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The whole game has a perfect pace. You spent hours on Pandora, and loot bandits and corporate robots.


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