Best Moments
from 2021
WWE Royal Rumble

The 2021 Royal Rumble was an all you can eat buffet!

It had everything from exciting contests, surprise returns, and of course impressive debuts!

Check out the Best Moments from this year's
WWE Royal Rumble PPV

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Drew McIntyre prevailed against 'The Iconic' Goldberg and got a statement victory when he squashed the legend in a matter of minutes

Drew McIntyre Prevails
Credit: YouTube/Royal Rumble 2021 GOLDBERG

KO and Roman Reigns fought in an intense Last Man Standing match where KO took it to the extremes to win the Universal Championship

Kevin Owens goes Extreme!
Credit: YouTube/WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Highlights

Victoria made her WWE return after 11 years entering the Rumble at #10. It was great to see her back and teach Peyton Royce hit a perfect 'Black Widow'

Victoria Returns
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Naomi made her long awaited return at the Royal Rumble. She was about to be eliminated, but used Bianca Belair's braid to pick herself up and stay safe

Naomi's innovative save
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Alicia Fox won the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth during the Royal Rumble match. Sadly, she lost it to Truth again after getting eliminated

Alicia Fox - 24/7 Champ
Credit: YouTube/Wrestling Clips

Bianca Belair became the first black woman and the second black person in WWE history after The Rock to win the Royal Rumble! 

Bianca Belair wins
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Carlito returned to the WWE a decade later at the 2021 Royal Rumble. He looked ripped, and we're wondering if he's here to stay

Carlito Returns!
Credit: YouTube/Kid Villain

Wrestling fans had tears in their eyes as 'Captain Charisma' Christian made his in-ring at the Rumble entering at #24. What a surreal moment!

Christian Returns!
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Seth Rollins made his awaited return at #29 in the Royal Rumble. He was scheduled to return earlier this year, but this Rumble surprise was nice

Seth Rollins Returns!
Credit: YouTube/NLW Pro Wrestling

Rapper Bad Bunny hit Miz and Morrison with a high cross body off the top rope as The Miz trashed Bad Bunny's DJ set on the stage

Bad Bunny takes flight!
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Edge wrote a perfect comeback story winning the Royal Rumble from the #1 spot! He lasted almost an hour from #1 equalling Shawn Michaels

Edge wins the Rumble!
Credit: YouTube/Roll Up