Best PlayStation, Xbox and PC games releasing in May 2021

  The gaming industry is back on track, and developers are finally releasing a bunch of highly-anticipated titles this year. From Mass Effect Legendary Edition to Resident Evil Village, these are the best games releasing on PlayStation, Xbox and PC in May 2021. 

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is the ideal game to represent the next generation of the popular horror survival series. It is set a few years after the terrifying incidents in Resident Evil 7. 

Credit: Evil

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 

The remastered Mass Effect trilogy is all set to release in May 2021 and is rightly called the Legendary Edition. This edition contains over 40 DLC and has been optimized for 4K Ultra HD. 

Credit: Effect

Subnautica: Below Zero 

Subnautica: Below Zero is an underwater adventure game where you explore the deepest secrets of the ocean world. From discovering uncharted bioms, to researching alien lifeforms, there‚Äôs a lot of do in this title. 


Hood: Outlaws and Legends

You can play the role of Robinhood in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. In order to rob the rich and give to the poor, you need to complete three action-packed campaign phrases and return with the treasure. 


Knockout City

The fast-paced multiplayer matches are the biggest highlight of Knockout City. Players can form their dodge-ball crews and flaunt their status through a wide range of designs. 

Credit: Arts

Heading 2


Biomutant, by Experiment 101 , is a fresh take on 3rd person combat in open-world games. It allows the players to mix shooting, melee, and mutation powers together and take on the enemies in the most iconic ways possible. 


Rust: Console Edition

Rust is all about exploring, fighting, and of course, surviving. The game made it huge in 2020 when several Twitch streamers played it together, and is now releasing on the PS4 and the Xbox One. 


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