Best games to get on playstation, xbox and pc in july 2021

Put on your boots and get ready to explore some virtual lands which are beyond your imaginations. These are the top 7 exploration games. 

Watch dogs: Legion 

In this DLC Aiden, Pierce and Wrench are back from  Watchdogs 1 & 2. They are back for device which controls a robto army.


Little Devil inside

Along with being an RPG, it's side scrolling and aimless wandering, this game is alot. 



The Trackmania 2020 is the new battle royale of F1 in free to play mode.  You are one of the four guys in this vehicular adventure. 


Heavy metal machines

You need to transport a bomb to a enemy base. Use a heavy vehicle, that too online. Its CS in vehicle as there's a team of enemies on the move for your base.


Capcom Arcade Stadium

A hub where everything from old school Capcom is kept. You'll need some money for this. And everything here costs money. 


Knockout City

Now this game is free for everyone until they reach level 25. This gives you a lot of time in the game too build your skills.. 


Orcs must die 3

With new weapons and powers, orcs must die, a tower defense game with the  natural evolution to its prequel.


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