Best Rage Moments of Ninja, Shroud, Tyler1, xQc,
Dr Disrespect, and Nickmercs

Gamers often rage when things don't go their way and some celebrity streamers are famous for their rage moments on live streams. Let's take a look at some of the best rage moments of Top streamers.


Shroud is probably the calmest streamer and rarely loses his cool. However, there are some rare moments from his CS:GO and PUBG days where event Mr. Cool ended up raging.

Credit: YouTube/RCGM


Nickmercs is a hilarious streamer and even his rage moments make his fans laugh which is a major reason people love to watch him.

Credit: YouTube/Nickmercs


xQc did not leave his rage back in his Overwatch days as the most popular Twitch streamer still loses his calm, even while playing Among Us.

Credit: YouTube/SahaKit


Tyler1 is the best example of rage in gaming as the League of Legend veteran probably has the most rage moments across all streamers.

Credit: YouTube/MrConnorater10

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has a history of losing his calm during live streams and it is still a major attraction for his fans while he plays various games like Warzone and Valorant.

Credit: YouTube/ChampionsClub


Although Ninja grew to be a family-friendly streamer, he certainly lost his calm on many an occasion in his early streaming days as he played H1Z1 or Fortnite.

Credit: YouTube/FSM

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