best RPG games of 2021 to lookout for 

This year did introduce us to alot of mind boggling games, out of which we have got the top 7 RPG games for you. 

Demon souls

 This is a remake of the original PS3 game with a lot of updates with the visuals. Here you get to access five different worlds. 

Credit: souls

Mortal shell 

Here, the term Mortal shell is a body or let's call it a class which you can possess. You start off as an ugly looking skin but then you keep upgrading. 

Credit: shell 

Yakuza like a dragon 

 This game has now become a turn based JRPG, this is said to be the most unique game of the year. 

Credit: like a dragon 

Final Fantasy 7 remake 

Another remake, where you play as Cloud Strike who is a mercenary hired by Avalanche. Here the graphics are amazing and especially the cutscene to gameplay transition are super smooth. 

Credit: Fantasy 7 remake 

Genshin Impact

It's a free to play JRPG. This game is available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch as well as mobile devices. 

Credit: impact

Diablo 2 Resurrected 

This is a remaster that will keep you busy until another great and epic Diablo comes out. This one has an upgrade in its visuals and lets you explore new depths in the game. 

Credit: 2 resurrected 

Wasteland 3

This is the father of the fallout series.  This is a party based tactical RPG where you can make tons of moral choices.

Credit: 3

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