Best Sports games available on PlayStation, Xbox, and pc

Sports games have always been an integral part of gaming. From football to combat sports, these games have found their way to every sports fan on earth. Let's take a look at some of the best sports games available on pc and console


FIFA  titles are probably the best-selling sports games every year.  The latest FIFA 21 was quite successful and EA sports has done a tremendous job of delivering a new a new game every year, even with all the criticism. 

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NBA 2k21

NBA 2K is the best way for a basketball fan to enjoy the sport sitting at home. 2K games has mastered the art of delivering a great experience with this sport over the years.

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 Cricket 19

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Cricket 19 was the last cricket game to come out. However, it was one of the good ones as a lot of elements made it enjoyable and the AI of the game lived up to its expectations

Madden 21

Every NFL fan will definitely want to play Madden at some point. Even big name celebrities like Snoop Dogg absolutely love playing the game

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Heading 2

THPS 1+2

THPS 1+2 takes a sweet ride down memory lane as it remasters the original THPS games. The remastered version was a huge success and players thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgia it brought 

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Over the years, EA has managed to get a good understanding of games based on combat sports. the UFC 4 title was definitely a more polished version compared to its predecessors

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F1 2020

There have been tons of racing games over the years but F1 manages to stand out. The competitive experience it delivers resembles the actual races and is a great game for fans of the sport

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