Best Sports games to play
on Playstation Xbox and pc

If you are into outdoor sports and want to play those exact games on your screen, here are the games which will keep you around your favorite sport. 

Golf Story

Golf Story brings back the age old memories of classic GBA Mario Golf. With its pixelated graphics you will feel like you are about to play some old school RPG.

Credit: Story

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

This is an authentic mountain biking game which brings forth the stunts and brash presentation. This one feels like a blissful serene environmental challenge.

Credit: Mountains: Downhill


This is a classic Neo-Geo port game. Getting into it more, it is also a multiplayer, as well as tense and tactical game.


Super Mega Baseball 3

Even if you are not a fan of baseball, this game will make you stick to your seat. It has got great visuals, and a beautifully rendered 3D surrounding. 

Credit: Mega Baseball 3

Rocket League

This is one of the most popular online sports and multiplayer games.  Rocket League is part arcade game which feels like engrossing, lifetime-to-master depth.

Credit: League

Tennis World Tour 2

Perfect one for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can create your own character and choose between Career mode or other various tournaments.

Credit: World Tour 2

Super Tennis

This one is a tactile game. The game is fantastic if you want a more retro approach to a sports game.

Credit: Tennis

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