Best Strategy games to play on PC

Who doesn't love strategies and especially when it comes to playing a strategy game on your  PC people get more excited.  Here are the best strategy games, you should try your hands on. 

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty 

This is a masterpiece, this game introduces us to the huge idea of micro player multiplayer RTS game. According to its developers, a player could do 150 productive activities per minute. 

Credit: 2 Wings of Liberty Ruin

Total War Warhammer 2 

This instalment in the series gives us the monsters to defeat. This game has its own set of separate stories and even a new campaign. 

Credit: War Warhammer 2 

Age of empires 2 definitive edition

This is a definitive edition to its previous Age of Empires 2, 2D isometric format. This one has a terrific military play and also a great soundtrack. 

Credit: of empire 2 definitive edition

Invisible inc.

This is regarded as the greatest tactical game ever made. You are almost convinced that all is lost and then 10 minutes later you yourself map out a perfect plan. 

Credit: inc.

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance 

 This game has got a deep depth in its strategies. The Supreme Commander Forged Alliance game lets its players be flexible in their goals. You  can also experiment your assaults here. 

Credit: Commander Forged Alliance 

Civilization 6 

Here in the robot dominated world you have to win the space race, introduce the whole world with your own culture. Here you can also take over new continents. 

Credit: 6 


This has evolved into something far more impressive than anyone could have thought. With the big update and even bigger DLC expansion this game has become more varied than it was before.


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