Best Survival Games Coming to playstation, xbox, and pc in 2021

Survival games require a different skillset all together. They test the patience of players to wait for the right opportunity and make the right moves. let's look at a few survival games are arriving at the playstation, Xbox, and pc later this year.

The Day Before

A zombie survival game, The Day Before is set in a post-pandemic America with the players looking for answers after losing their memories.

Credit: YouTube/IGN

Alien: Fireteam

The rise in popularity of the alien franchise has given birth to a new third-person shooter game called Aliens: Fireteam based on the movie series.

Credit: YouTube/IGN

Sons of the Forest

Survive a horror forest infested with dangerous creatures as you and your son are stranded on an island after a plane crash.

Credit: YouTube/IGN

Paradise Lost

Paradise lost combines Slavic Mythology with Retrofuturistic themes making it an interesting game to explore the underground of a scary reality.

Credit: YouTube/IGN

Hello Neighbor 2

Unlike most games in this list, Hello Neighbor 2 combines a variety of genres, including survival, horror, and stealth, where players try to survive a mysterious creature tracking them.

Credit: YouTube/xbox

No More Room in Hell 2

Credit: YouTube/nomoreroominhell

In the sequel to the 2011 Award-winning source mod, the player is a part of a group of limited survivors in a diseased world full of zombies and their only goal is to survive.

Song in the Smoke

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

Coming from popular indie developers 17-Bit, Song in the Smoke is their first venture into the survival category. To make things interesting, it is a PS VR title which means a much more immersive experience.

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