Best third-person games coming to xbox, PlayStation and pc in 2021 and beyond

  The gaming industry is finally back on track. Several delayed titles will now hit the stores, and the  new gen-consoles will have games that test their capabilities. From Crimson Desert to Final Fantasy XVI, these are the best third-person games releasing on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in 2021 and beyond. 

Chrono Odyssey

Chrono Odyssey, by Npixel Co., will hit the stores at the end of 2021, or 2022, but is certainly worth the wait. It revolves around the stories of the members of ‘Idraiginn’, who have started a war against 12 gods.


Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI takes place in a new world called Valisthea. The mothercrystals bless the people with aether, which lets them cause magic. It is easily one of the most anticipated titles in the series, and will be a banger on the PS5.



Returnal belongs to the action horror genre, and is one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives out there. It will take you on a nerve-wrecking journey, where every step will unlock a new mystery. 


Hood: Outlaws and Legends

You can play the role of Robinhood in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. In order to rob the rich and give to the poor, you need to complete three action-packed campaign phrases and return with the treasure. 


Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert lets you experience the mysterious tales of mercenaries struggling to see another day in the ferocious lands of Pywel. The game offers intense action, realism, and terrifying magical beasts. 


Heading 2


Everwild, by Rare, will be a pleasant addition to the list of Xbox exclusive games. It was revealed during the end of 2019, and offers unique and unforgettable experiences that take place in a natural, yet magical world. 


ODIN Valhalla Rising

There are four diverse worlds and classes from the Scandanavian mythology in ODIN Valhalla Rising. The game has revolutionary lighting technology and each territory boasts its own set of NPCs, bosses, and monsters. 


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