bizarre Animal encounters on a golf course 

Golf courses are not just a venue for humans but even for several animals and reptiles. Let's take a look at who all pay a visit to golf courses in their freetime. 


Kangaroos are very likely to be seen on the golf course, especially if you live in parts of Australia. 

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild

Mongoose and Snake

Former European Ryder Cup player fired up the trusty video camera on his phone to capture a mongoose and a snake playing a game of "catch me if you can" in Sun City, South Africa.

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild


Elks are beautiful to see up close but as scary if they are chasing you down. These animals are also one of the beings very much seen on the golf field. 

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild


It's not so uncommon to see gators on the course when playing golf in certain areas of the country. These monsters can be seen battling it out in a near-death match. 

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild


These amphibians are also witnessed along the golf course, especially beside the water bodies. 

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild

Black Mambas 

These deadliest snakes Black Mamba are one of the reptiles which are seen a lot on the golf fields of South Africa. 

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild


Just like other animals, iguanas are also one of the most visited reptiles on the golf field. They often seen out of nowhere.

Credit: Youtube/Natgeowild

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