76 YO Arnold Schwarzenegger Warns Against the Rise of Machines, Says It Inspires “Half-A**ing”

Through the Monday motivation segment of his newsletter, Arnie hopes to provide his readers with some motivation to be productive throughout the week. This week, the Arnold Classic founder wrote about how smartphones, or what he calls “the rise of the machines,” affect people’s lives. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger on smartphone addiction

In his newsletter, the 76-year-old bodybuilding legend proclaimed the incessant use of smartphones as the “biggest challenge” toward completing goals. The seven-time Mr. Olympia acknowledged that smartphones are useful devices.

They give people access to limitless information and help everyone connect with people they “would have never met otherwise.”

Just like the Mr. Olympia winner went all out in the gym, he gave it his all while filming the 1982 film. Although the filming process was grueling, and Arnie sustained injuries, he “always had fun.”

“They also inspire half-a**ing,” wrote the 76-year-old former politician. Smartphones today have evolved to become handheld personal computers that can also communicate with people. However, “They are designed to distract us from going all in,” The Terminator actor wrote in his newsletter.

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