Hany Rambod Confesses How Chris Bumstead’s Injury Before Mr. Olympia Put Him in Stress

One major hurdle that CBum faced most recently was the injury he was hit a few weeks before Mr. Olympia 2023. However, despite all this, he pushed his limits and won the competition. In a recent Q&A session with 2023 Mr. Olympia winner Derek Lunsford, Rambod brought up what Chris Bumstead faced during the run-up to this year’s Mr. Olympia.

Hany Rambod talks about how he helped Bumstead 

In a video uploaded by Evogen Nutrition’s YouTube channel, Derek Lunsford and Hany Rambod had a Q&A session. One of the significant topics was the mention of Chris Bumstead’s injury a few weeks before Olympia 2023. During this session, 2023 Olympia winner Derek Lunsford asked the coach about his calmness and ability to handle things this year.

Rambod answered that he knew that all his wards were “in really good places” with their physiques so he did not want his personal stress to create anxiety. However, recalling Chris Bumstead’s injury, he further added, “The only one that created stress was because of Chris’s injury and I didn’t know how his body was going to react.“

Talking about his efforts to help the five-time Mr.Olympia recover from the injury, he said he had given Bumstead a different look. The coach had to go for a fuller look and tried to get more 3D to give it more pop because “Bumstead’s body was in a different place.”

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