Boxing World Rips Into ‘Cheap’ Floyd Mayweather for ‘Bad’ $10,000 Demand Despite Billionaire Status

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather is the richest boxer in the world and the self-claimed billionaire. Even after his retirement from the sport, he continues to earn millions through exhibition bouts and expand his empire.


YouTube podcaster True Geordie recently revealed that he once invited Mayweather to appear on his podcast but was surprised to hear the appearance fee which made him question the fighter's extravagant lifestyle.

What Did True Geordie

Geordie recently expressed that Mayweather once quoted $10,000 to appear on his podcast. He said, “I once asked to get Floyd Mayweather on the podcast you know. This is what made me wonder about his finances. I thought ‘you know, ‘I’ll ask’ and I got through, through the friend of a friend. I got quoted ten grand to have him on the podcast.”

Geordie's Claims

Geordie expressed that if Mayweather is rich already, he should not have asked for $10,000. He said,” If you’ve got loads of money, why quote me ten grand? I just think that everything is for a price with him and maybe that’s just him being smart. But I didn’t pay it."

Fan’s Reaction

Fans were quick to respond to Mayweather's quoted amount and Geordie's reaction. One of the fans disagreed and said $10,000 was more than a fair price the other was surprised that the fighter was asking for such a small amount which seemed cheap to him. Other fans also questioned if Geordie expected him to do the podcast for free by saying, “Why did the podcast expect him to do it free? 10k is nothing. Might have even been just to cover his team’s wages."

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