Chris Eubank Jr. Lavish Lifestyle: Net Worth, Mansion, Cars, and More 

Eubank Jr. who is a British professional boxer has a special thing for an extravagant lifestyle and his love for cars. Let's take a look at his net worth, cars, endorsements, and more.

Chris Eubank Jr. has a net worth of $6.19 million, as per the Sun.

Net Worth

The British professional boxer has a million-dollar Brighton mansion with a massive walk-in wardrobe, pool, and more.

Extravagant Mansion 

He has an amazing car collection and owns supercars like McLaren 720S, BMWi8, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes-Benz G63, and Range Rover Urban SVR.


Eubank Jr. is the ambassador for 'Chain of Hope' since 2017. The organization treats children with heart disease from developing and war-torn countries.

Deals and Endorsements 

He has his own clothing and apparel brand called NEXT GEN.

Business Ventures 

Eubank Jr. is quite active in charity work and is the ambassador for the Chain of Hope charity. He even participated in the iDrop charity abseil challenge in order to raise money for new technology for the Rockinghorse children’s charity.


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