Every Time Tommy Fury Brutalized His Opponents in the Boxing Ring

Tommy Fury will make his US debut against Anthony Taylor on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley. Ahead of this intriguing clash, here, we take a look at every time Tommy Fury brutalized his opponents in the boxing ring.

Tommy Fury vs.
Callum Ide

In his second professional bout, it only took 1:34 minutes for Fury to claim a spectacular first-round KO victory by landing vicious body shots throughout the fight.

Tommy Fury vs.
Przemyslaw Binienda

Fury only needed 1:02 minutes of the first round to win this bout via TKO by landing a brutal combination of punches and scoring a couple of knockdowns before the referee finally stepped in to call off the fight.

Tommy Fury vs.
Genadij Krajevskij

Fury landed a ferocious combination of punches and won the fight via KO in the second round. 

Tommy Fury vs.
Scott Williams

Fury dominated Williams throughout the fight and eventually claimed a TKO victory in the second round. It was his fourth consecutive T/KO victory.

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