‘He Was F*cking Going Crazy, He Was Pissed Off’: Mike Tyson & Dana White Talk About ‘Crazy’ Job That Left Everybody ‘Terrified’

'The Baddest Man on the Planet' and the UFC president, Dana White share a close relationship with each other. From highs to lows, White stood with Tyson through all his thick and thin. 


Dana White tried to help Tyson get a job on a TV Show because he wanted to prevent him from returning to boxing at his advanced age. The TV show was called 'Shark Week’ which required Tyson to swim with sharks. There were three challenges that led to the completion of the task.

Why Did White Referred Tyson for a Show?

White wanted Tyson to take up a show to avoid him from fighting because he was not in his best physical condition. The UFC president further explained why he didn't want Tyson to fight.

What Was Tyson's

White expressed how Tyson reacted when he asked him to do a TV Show instead of fighting.

How Did Tyson React on
the Set?

White revealed how pissed Tyson was during the shoot which also 'terrified' the entire crew.

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