‘I Never Went Into My Sport Thinking That I’m a Woman’: Despite Father Muhammad Ali & Others Not Wanting Her to Box, Laila Ali Revealed How She Found Her Reins in ‘Male Dominated’ Sport

Boxing is predominantly a male-dominated sport but with time the boxing world has witnessed a few outstanding and skilled women who have taken up the sport and proved their mettle, one of them is the daughter of 'The Greatest' Laila Ali.


Laila Ali once attended the 18th Annual Design Care Gala in the year 2016. During the charitable event that took place at Sugar Ray Leonard’s private estate in Pacific Palisades, she was asked about her career choices and how she made them possible.

What Did Laila Ali Say?

The reporter from the Entertainment Scoop asked Ali if she had any advice for aspiring women boxers. Ali said, "I think no matter what sport you’re in. You just need to be true to yourself. And work really hard in what it is that you do. It’s hard to deny people when they’re at the top of their game. When you know, you’re putting in just as much hard work as everybody else."

Ali's Take on the Male-Dominated Sport 

'The Greatest' daughter Ali expressed to people her experience of venturing into the sport of boxing. She said, “I never went into my sport thinking that I’m a woman. And I’m going into a male-dominated sport. Or I’m Muhammad Ali’s daughter. I thought, you know, I want to be the best. Period.”

Muhammad Ali on Laila's Career Choice 

Muhammad Ali was never supportive of the idea of his daughter taking up the sport of boxing. He believed that boxing was ‘not for women’ but later as he saw Laila Ali fight for the first time he began to support and admitted that he was wrong.

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