‘I’ll Smack You in Front of Your Wife and Kids’: Jake Paul’s Teammate Sends Violent Threat to UFC Fighter 

Anthony Taylor is famous for his most dramatic behavior outside the ring. Pretty Boy usually takes to social media to slam others and this time it was a UFC fighter.


Jake Paul’s teammate Anthony Taylor recently sent a violent threat to Cody Durden via Twitter after he shared his response to Taylor's remarks. 

What Did Taylor Do?

Anthony Taylor took to Twitter and shared the BoxRec stats of two boxers, Joe Fournier and Idris Virgo. Taylor then mocked them for not facing a bona fide fighter far in their career.

What Was Durden's Reaction?

After seeing Taylor's tweet, Cody Durden who is a native of Covington, Georgia took no time to respond to Taylor and shared his fight record.

What Did Taylor Threaten Durden with?

On watching Durden's comeback Taylor took to Twitter and responded to him with a threat of smacking him down in front of his family. 

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