Inside Jake Paul's Million Dollar Mansions

Jake Paul recently moved to his new house in Miami to focus on his boxing training. Here, we take a look at his previous and new multi-million dollar mansions.


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Jake Paul's
Previous House

Paul livef in Calabasas, California since he was 17 years old. 

This house was famously known as the Team 10 mansion, as he formed a group of content creators called Team 10 and they all lived together in this mansion.

The Team 10 Mansion was put for sale by Jake with bid amount starting from $7,000,000.

Jake Paul's
New Mansion

Jake Paul bid farewell to his Team 10 mansion in Calabasas, California and moved to a new mansion in Miami, Florida.

His new mansion in Miami, Florida is currently priced on Zillow at $9,171,457.

The range set for the house is between $7.61 million and $11.19 million. The rent estimate of the property is $18,000 per month.

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