Jake Paul's Grueling Training Routine for Tommy Fury Fight

The American social media personality and professional boxer, Jake Paul is set to face Tommy Fury in the much-awaited boxing bout. Ahead of his upcoming bout, let's take a look at his training routine.

Paul's training schedule consists of body strengthening exercises with core and neck strengthening exercises.

Strength Training

He includes a lot of cardio in his training routine by combining jogging and sprints. Paul typically hits for a seven-mile jog along with wind sprints on a big football pitch.


Jake Paul combines heavy sparring sessions with shadowboxing. He takes on 20 rounds of shadow boxing, mitts, heavy bag, speed bag, and noodle drills along and spars for around 4-10 rounds.


Paul performs core exercises to strengthen his abdominal strength.

Core Training

His training diet includes the nutritious take of healthy foods in proportions. Paul takes on a high-protein breakfast of eggs on toast and sticks to clean foods like oatmeal, protein shakes, fish, chicken, and veggies.

Diet Routine

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