List Of Women Floyd Mayweather Has Dated In The Past 

 Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest stars the sport has ever seen. Hence, his life outside the ring is also well-documented. That said, from models to actresses, here is a list of women Mayweather has or rumored to have dated in the past.


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Anna Monroe

'Money' was dating Monroe, who is the head exotic dancer at his Las Vegas club, Girl Collection, since last year. The latter also claimed to be engaged to the boxing star. However, Mayweather completely denied the claims. The pair later separated after a picture of Mayweather with his ex went viral.

Lindsay Lohan

Mayweather and the American actress Lohan were seen getting cozy at a Halloween party in Connecticut. The pair were at a few other events later. However, the relationship rumor surrounding vanished a few months later.

Gallienne Nabila 

The pair were together back in 2016. However, the 44-year-old boxer recently made headlines after he was spotted with the fashion model Nabila at an NBA game in New York. Mayweather is rumored to be dating Nabila right now.

Shantel Jackson

Mayweather and Jackson started seeing each other in 2006. The pair got engaged in September 2010. However, after being engaged for three years, they separated in 2014.

Josie Harris

Mayweather and Harris's relationship began in 1995. The pair were together for ten years and got engaged in 2005 but later separated in 2010. The pair had three kids together.

Keyshia Cole

The 44-year-old boxer was rumored to have dated the R&B sensation Cole back in the 2000s. However, Cole squashed these rumors in 2017 and claimed they were just friends.

 Rozonda Chilli Thomas

Mayweather reportedly had chemistry with the VH1 reality star Chilli. He appeared on a few episodes of her reality show. However, Chilli later said in an interview that there was nothing more than friendship.

 Nikki Mudarris

The 'Love & Hip Hop' Mudarris had an encounter with Mayweather in 2017, and rumors were circulating about the pair. However, his representatives shot down the rumors in an interview.

Lil Kim

In 2014, the American rapper Kim reportedly tweeted, 'Team Us!! I Love My Baby @Floyd Mayweather!!' However, there is no evidence about their relationship.

Doralie Medina

Medina and Mayweather reportedly dated after he broke up with Shantel Jackson in 2014. The social media star appeared in many events with 'Money' leading up to the bout with Manny Pacquiao.

Abigail Clarke

'Money' was reported to be together with the television personality Clarke in 2016 in Dubai. However, Mayweather's team stated the pair had nothing between them in 2017.

Melissa Brim

Mayweather met Brim at a club. The pair dated from 1998 to 2000. Brim is the mother of Mayweather's only daughter, Iyanna.

Erica Dixon

Reports suggest that the 44-year-old boxer dated the 'Love & Hip-Hop' star Dixon in 2013. However, she ended the relationship because Mayweather couldn't commit to a long-term relationship.


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