Most Brutal Knockouts By Jake Paul and Ben Askren 

Jake Paul and Ben Askren are scheduled for a boxing match on 17 April, 2021. Ahead of their fight, let's take a look at their best knockouts.


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Jake Paul

Jake Paul has a professional boxing record of 2-0 and an amateur boxing record of 1-0. He has won all of his fights via knockout. 

Jake Paul vs
Deji Olatunji

This was Paul's first ever white collar amateur boxing match. Paul dominated Deji for first four rounds and then finally in the fifth round Deji's corner had seen enough, throwing in the towel resulting in Jake winning the fight via TKO.

Jake Paul vs
Aneson Gib

This was Paul's first professional boxing match. He started dominating Gib as soon as the bell rang and scored two knockdown in the first round, finally scoring one more knockdown in the same round to take the win via TKO.

Jake Paul vs
Nate Robinson

Jake Paul scored a knockdown in the first round and then one more in the second round. Paul then knocked out Robinson cold in the second round. This was Paul's best knockout of his boxing career. 

Ben Askren 

Ben Askren has a professional MMA record of 19-2-1 (W-L-NC). He has won 6 fights via knockout. 

Ben Askren vs
Andrey Koreshkov

Askren dominated throughout the fight, resulting in a display of mercy by the referee who called off the bout in fourth round resulting in Ben winning the fight via TKO.

Ben Askren vs
Nobutatsu Suzuki

Askren took over the fight as soon as the bell rang with unending barrage of punches, resulting in him winning the fight via TKO in the first round.

Ben Askren vs
Shinya Aoki

Askren showed his skills by dominating with his ground-and-pound and won this fight via TKO in the first round.

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