Busting the Biggest Fortnite Chapter 3 Myths

the launch of Chapter 3 has seen several myths spread across the Fortnite Community. Let's get into it and see if they are true or not. 

100 Pickaxes vs Foundation 

When actually attacked by the 100 players the Foundation lost even though he is literally the strongest character in Fortnite. Now, we know his weakness. 


Can Spider-Man hang above doors for free elims? 

The Spider-Man skin is a paid one and it might just be the second strongest skin in the game at the moment. You are literally half inside the ceilings and with that you can dodge bullets. Basically it's true that Spider-Man can hang above the doors. 


Can sharks help you open the vault? 

It seems sharks can actually pass through the Vault. And yes, they can help you open it as well. But beware, they can even destroy what's inside the vault. 


Can you play as The Foundation early? 

We have Mystique from the X-men and she has the power of shapeshifting. This allows your character to be the Foundation in the game even before it's officially released. 


Can you combo a Chicken, Web and Pepper? 

This combination is happening in the game. And once you allow it you literally can touch the sky as you go way too far flying with the help of this combo. 


Can you save mythic weapons in a tent for the next game? 

So yes, you just have to have it placed then you can put your mythic weapon in it and it will be saved for the next game. 


Do you slide faster with a pepper? 

The answer is No. This has been done several times by many different players and no you can not slide faster with pepper.


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