Celebrities who have invested in esports companies

Be it the business plans or for the sake of their passion, a lot of celebrities have invested in Esports. Let's take a look at these 7 celebrities who like to be a part of the Esports businesses. 

Michael Jordan

Back in 2018 Michael Jordan, the NBA legend and basketball Hall of Famer invested a whooping $26million in aXiomatic Gaming when they used to be a startup. The company now owns team Liquid. 

Credit: youtube.com/Michael Jordan


After his retirement Ronaldo took a break from traditional sports and invested in CNB e-sports Club back in 2017. He bought out half of the esports club alongside two major poker influencers - Andre Akkari and Igor Trafane Federal.

Credit: youtube.com/Ronaldo

David Beckham

Guild Esports, in 2020 launched David Beckham as their co-owner. After this major announcement, several other investors were keeping a close eye on Guild Esports. 

Credit: youtube.com/DavidBeckham


Drake had invested in not one but two esports teams. He also did a cameo with Ninja in Fortnite, which led to co-ownership of popular esports team '100 Thieves'.

Credit: youtube.com/Drake

Will Smith

Will Smith invested $46million, including football star Keisuke Honda, in Gen.G, a world renowned global organisation.

Credit: youtube.com/WillSmith

Mike Tyson

Back in 2019, Iron Mike strategically invested in Fade 2 Karma, a professional esports team, after which he also took part in a Hearthstone game with the Fade 2 Karma team.

Credit: youtube.com/RyanBabel 

Shaquille O'Neal

Wendell Lira, the winner of the Puskas Award in 2015, decided that he’d just focus on playing video games as a pro. He has made more money playing games than he had as a footballer.

Credit: youtube.com/Shaquille O'Neal

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