Craziest GTA 5 Mods You Must Try

Grand Theft Auto 5, popularly knows as GTA 5 has been out for almost 8 years now and as fans wait for the upcoming GTA 6, they can try out the following crazy mods that make the GTA 5 experience extremely fun and interesting.

Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie mod brings about an apocalypse in GTA 5 and just like the movies, players have to plunder, purge, and survive by making a base and taking out the undead.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun


The fans of GTA online can have a similar RPG experience with this GTA 5 mod that allows for interesting character creation and NPC stories and interactions.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun

Atlantis + Tsunami

The tsunami + no water mod brings Atlantis to Los Santos as the city is submerged underwater while the seas are empty and players can swim through the city or drive jetskis on top of it.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun

Car Mayhem

It's raining cars in Los Santos and players can shoot vehicles as ammo while driving which explode on contact in this crazy GTA 5 mod.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun

Gravity Gun

This crazy GTA 5 mod allows players to pick up anything with their gun, whether it's a car or and NPC and send them flying away against the gravity.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun

Vice City Remastered 

One of the most popular GTA 5 mods allows players to play the classic title Vice City with much better graphics as Tommy Vercetti takes over Los Santos.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun

Pokémon GO

Now experience the fun of Pokémon GO in GTA 5 with the mod adding various Pokémons, Gyms, and Pokéstops to the game for the lovers of the popular franchise.

Credit: YouTube/RockPaperShotgun

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