Drivers competing in the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs 2021

The sport of NASCAR has had a lot of accidents and a good share of wrecks. Here are some of the accidents that have stood out among the rest. 

1960 Daytona Modified Sportsman Race

This is the largest wreck in the whole NASCAR history. Eight drivers were taken to the hospital, with no fatalities. 

Credits: Youtube

Michael Waltrip — Bristol, 1990

In 1990 during the Budweiser 250 NASCAR Nationwide Series race, Michael Waltrip had his car into turn two, causing an impact which tore his car in half. 

Credits: Youtube

Mike Harmon — Bristol, 2002

In 2002, while practicing Mike Harmon crashed his car which then disintegrated because of the impact. 

Credit: Youtube

Richard Petty — 1970

Richard Petty had a really scary one in 1970 at South Carolina’s Darlington Speedway. He hit the retaining wall, and then rolled and flipped multiple times. 

Credit; youtube

Steve Park — Darlington, 2001

Credit: Youtube

In 2001, at Darlington, Steve Park experienced a brutal accident. Because of which he suffered serious injuries. These injuries also had his brain damage and a permanent speech impediment.