E3 2021: Biggest predictions for Nintendo

Nintendo just confirmed their slot timings and date for the upcoming E3.  They will be up on June 15, Tuesday at 12 pm EST.  This list includes all the predictions which we think will be discussed at E3 by Nintendo.

Super Mario

Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

Last year he had his own anniversary, which then got a huge following. Mario might get a brief talk in the whole set of Nintendo.


Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

They will have discussion over it but outside the E3. The Legend of Zelda will get a totally separate director presentation.

 Kirby/ Donkey Kong

Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

Donkey Kong has higher chances that it would take up the charge in E3 as Kirby has its 20th anniversary next year.


Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

Metroid will have the prime trilogy discussed in E3 rather than Prime 4. There might not be even a sneak peak for Prime 4.


Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

There are rumors Monolithsoft is making a new ip. This might be the topic that will be discussed at E3.

Smash bros

Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

This game takes place every year at E3 and this year one huge character will be announced. This time it could be a western character.


This game has been already announced with a release date. Which might be the reason that it would not be a part of Nintendo's panel at E3.

Credit: YouTube.com/Nintendo

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