Emotional moments when Streamers like Ninja, Dr Drisrespect, and Pokimane broke down on stream

Streamers around the world are popular for entertaining fans and spreading smiles. However, even they aren’t able to control their overwhelming emotions at times. From Ninja to Dr Disrespect, here are some streamers that broke down on stream. 


Even though Ninja is known for being aggressive on his live streams, he once read a chat and instantly teared up. A fan had thanked him for entertaining them in the toughest times of their life. 

Credit: YouTube/Trend Center

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect once quit his aggressive streaming persona and appeared on stream to be transparent in front of the fans. He talked about certain problems with his family, and couldn’t hold back the tears in the process. 

Credit: YouTube/Stream Highlights 


100 Thieves’ Co-Owner and content creator, Valkyrae, once received a plethora of heart-warming messages from her chat. She wasn’t expecting it, and shed tears of joy. 

Credit: YouTube/Rahat Plays

Disguised Toast

While recently addressing allegations regarding his problematic past, Disguised Toast got emotional because some people started targeting his friends like Valkyrae and Pokimane. 

Credit: YouTube/Amigops KEKW


Sykkuno is best known for his calm streaming persona. While talking about his personality and life experiences once, he could not resist being emotional, and expressed his gratitude to the fans. 

Credit: YouTube/Streamer Clipper


Pokimane once talked to Dr. K on topics such as mental health and the needs of the internet generation. While talking about her own life, she broke down and got emotional.

Credit: YouTube/Alpha Edits

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