Epic Games vs. Apple: Everything that happened in the first hearing

The Epic Games vs. Apple trial finally began on May 3, 2021, and for the Fortnite developers, it was A nightmare. The hearing ended up being a disaster for Epic. Let's take a look at everything that went wrong.

Failed Tournaments

A document from the hearing revealed Epic Games invested over $70million in prizes on Fortnite and failed to get enough returns, explaining the low prizes in current events.

Credit: YouTube/WSJ

Epic Games Store

The trial revealed that Epic Games store is bleeding money with total losses estimated to be $719m by 2027 due to the store offering free games.

Credit: YouTube/WSJ

Leaked Collabs

The ongoing trial leaked multiple delayed/scrapped off Fortnite collabs, including Naruto, The Rock, Lebron James, Die Hard, Hunger Games, and more.

Credit: YouTube/WSJ

Sony Crossplay

Leaked emails from the trial revealed how Sony intentionally blocked Epic's efforts to enable crossplay on the PlayStation fearing potential losses.

Credit: YouTube/WSJ

Walmart Gaming

An interesting leak that came out of the trial was regarding Project Storm, the cloud gaming project that Walmart pitched to Epic Games in 2019.

Credit: YouTube/WSJ

Fortnite Open-world

A really exciting leak from the trial turned out to be an open-world map coming to Fortnite, probably as early as Season 6 for a Sandbox mode.

Credit: YouTube/WSJ

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