Best Chapter 2 Moments Made by Fortnite Fans Across the World

With Chapter 2 drawing to a close, Fortnite gamers certainly made fond memories in recent times.  Here's a look at some of the best moments produced by gamers during the Chapter.


He started his own Mission Impossible movie stunts in the game. He’s like a mad scientist right in the world of Fortnite.

Credits: Fortnite


He made his simple skin turn into his Superman even before Epic Games introduced it in the game.

Credits: Fortnite


He used the Christmas John Jones skin to perfectly camouflage himself and became a straight up killer.

Credits: Fortnite

The squatting dog 

This guy burned 62 cars and a few fuel cans with a single rocket launcher.

Credits: Fortnite


Okzoomer became the most threatening player to ever be in the game. With his killing styles he was the most brutal anyone could have ever seen.

Credits: Fortnite


This gamer had the most overpowered skin in the chapter of fortnite. 

Credits: Fortnite


He has had the most epic battle in the Fortnite as well as any cinematic history.

Credits: Fortnite

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