Best Instances When Fortnite Revealed Its Own Future

Fortnite is one of the most popular online multiplayer games in the world. There's no limit to what players can do in this title. here are the best instances when the title revealed its own future.

credits: youtube

the flip

epic games teased the flip back in chapter 2 season 5. the trailer featured a hidden easter egg where the cameras were upside down. 

jean grey

epic games' creative director, Donald mustard teased this outfit before its release through a tweet about jeans.


MUSTARD also hinted at this outfit way before its release through a tweet that said "dude".


chapter 2 season 2 featured a yacht named "marigold" which secretly hinted at the marigold outfit before its release. 


epic games started teasing spiderman during chapter 2 season 4 through an in-game achievement named "thwip" that had spiderman's logo on it.

the machine pistol

epic games accidentally released this item multiple times way before its actual release date. it first featured in season x. 


epic games began teasing Midas a few days ahead of season 2 arrival through a mysterious house at the map's center. the house started filling with furniture and everything began turning to gold.

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