Biggest Celebrities Who Lent Their Voices to the Widely Popular GTA Franchise

The iconic grand theft auto franchise has featured many popular celebrities in its gaming titles. let's have a look at Biggest Celebrities Who Lent Their Voices to GTA games.

Samuel L. Jackson
(GTA: San Andreas)

the avengers' fame and the oscar-nominated actor plays the police officer "Frank Tenpenny" in GTA San Andreas, which was a hit among several fans.

Dr. Dre
(GTA Online)

GTA online introduced the American rapper into the title via the latest DLC "the contract". in fact, dr. dre released six BRAND NEW songs through the online title. 

Ricky Gervais
(Grand Theft Auto IV)

 the comedian made an appearance in GTA iv, performing stand-up comedy in the comedy club. in fact, all the jokes were exclusive to the title and are available on youtube. 

Danny Trejo
 (GTA: Vice City and Vice City Stories)

the legendary actor played the role of the Cuban street gang's leader, Umberto Robina, appearing in both vice city and vice city stories. 

Burt Reynolds
(GTA: Vice City)

the iconic actor was featured in vice city, playing the role of Avery Carrington. in fact, his character also replicated his real-life look from the 60s and 70s. 

Phil Collins
 (GTA: Vice City Stories)

way before virtual concerts were a thing, Phil was the first to perform one in vice city stories. in the game, Phil performs on stage, playing the track “In The Air Tonight.”  

Michael Madsen

the popular actor appeared in GTA iii where he played the role of the gangster and the protagonist, Toni Capriani and fans undoubtedly loved it.

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