Biggest Secrets Fans Missed in Fortnite's Chapter 3 Event

The live event of Fortnite Chapter 3 gave us many surprises, like The Rock featuring as the Foundation. Here are a few things that many fans may not have noticed in the event.

The secret of the ocean 

It is believed that soon we will have the Spiderman costume floating in the ocean as well as the Zapotron will be the next thing we will have our eyes on, which will be in the water. 


Secret Chapter 3 website 

Epic Games have launched a top secret website which shows a blurred map of Chapter 3. It is though revealing the chapter map every minute. It is also believed that the map will be disclosed before the downtime ends. 


 Chapter 3 begins soon 

This time the new chapter is getting released on sunday unlike any other Fortnite season that were released on tuesdays. 



If you're killed by the last reality and no one revives you, Blevin will pick you up and give you full health and shields. 


Cube Queens defeat 

The cube monsters have a weakness and it is water, so it is possible that the Queen might even have the same weakness. You will see the cube queen literally get underwater and also then get destroyed. 


First person glitch 

You get invisible! This happens when you turn to the first person view and your body parts which are visible to you through the first person view will just disappear. 


The Rock's eyebrow raise 

During his debut in Fortnite, Dwayne Johnson's animated character actually does his signature eyebrow raise.


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