Biggest Secrets In the New Fortnite Tilted Towers Update

Fortnite has now introduced us to one of its biggest updates, bringing back the famed tilted towers. This update has given us a cute dinosaur and some really cool secrets. here are some of the most exciting details which strayed away from the eyes of fans in this new update. 

The Devoured 

It is certain that the old Devourer monster isn't back from the dead. However, digging equipment currently occupies space near the Devoured landmark. One thing we can say is, no one's gonna like whatever comes from beneath those grounds. 

Credit: Fortnite

Unnamed POIs

Some of the unnamed POIs according to recent datamines include Desert Mansion, Dirt Track, Fish Island, PirateRowBoat and Ranger Tower among many others. 

Credit: Fortnite

New Consumable Items

The leakers have found two new consumable items. The first one is a pizza box which has 40 health or shields. And next is the Klomberry, whic has healing amount 1, shield amount 1 and a duration of 2.1s. 

Credit: Fortnite

Potential 'Tones & I' Collab Concert

A Tones & I collab concert will happen in the party royale. It looks likely that it'll happen and along with it we will also have quests and a few rewards for free. 

Credit: Fortnite

New Boss

Epic is working on a new boss, with no clue who it would be, all we can tell you is “Thunder Meow” is the code name for this new boss of Chapter 3. 

Credit: Fortnite

New Mechanic (Tactical Sprint)

This will be a new feature and is just like the one in Warzone. The only bad thing here is you put your gun pointing towards the sky while doing this Tactical Sprint. 

Credit: Fortnite

Blacklisted Tent Items

This one is more of a killjoy than a form of excitement. Previously it was a trick that you could play with the limited time items even if they are taken off from the game, by saving them in your tent. But now Epic has blacklisted some items to save them in the tent.

Credit: Fortnite

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