Biggest Streamers Who Left Twitch and Switched to YouTube

the ongoing streaming war between twitch and youtube gaming is getting bigger than ever. in the recent past, many top streamers have made the switch from twitch to youtube. here are some of the biggest names who have done so. 


Thomas, better known as sykkuno is the latest streamer to join the red platform. a few days back, he announced his switch with a well-made video along with fellow superstar and roommate valkyrae. 


also known as "a family man", Benjamin Lupo a.k.a drlupo switched to youtube gaming last year. in fact, at that time, he had over a whopping 4 million twitch followers.


the popular streamer and 100 thieves co-owner, Jack Dunlop, a.k.a couragejd left twitch 3 years back on Nov 5th 2019 and joined youtube gaming.

Dr Disrespect

the two-time's 2020's twitch ban is still a mystery for all as doc never disclosed the real reason. on aug 7th 2020, dr disrespect switched to youtube gaming and the rest is history.     


two years back, on jan 13th 2020, the 100 thieves co-owner and one of the most popular female twitch streamers joined youtube gaming. today, she's counted among the world's top content creators.


on Sep 1st 2021, the beloved call of duty streamer who's also popular for fall damage, Timothy John Betar, better known as TimTheTatman left twitch and joined youtube gaming. 


Ludwig Ahgren, the former twitch streamer left his fans stunned when he announced his switch to youtube on Nov 29th, 2021 through a stunning video.

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