Biggest Things Stolen By Fortnite From Other Games

Epic has given us a lot many features in Fortnite which we enjoy playing with.however, there are some features which were stolen from other games. Here are the top seven features which have been stolen from other games.

Bandage Bazooka 

This was the gun that helped us cure our team mates from halfway across the map. This gun was taken from Team Fortress 2. 

Credit: Fortnite


This is a new addition in Chapter 3. Well this is one feature that was directly stolen from the rivals of Fortnite like Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Credit: Fortnite


We have had our cube with a lot of ancient writing on it, well it turns out that these runes are stolen from Infinity Blade. The game had the exact runes in their storyline. 

Credit: Fortnite


We are now introduced to the feature of Tornadoes in Fortnite. Guess where it came from? This one feature is stolen from BattleField 2042. 

Credit: Fortnite


This feature although helped us to be with our friends for a much longer time, but even this was stolen from Gears of War. 

Credit: Fortnite

Season 6 

We are talking about Chapter 2, Season 6. This whole season was stolen. Well not exactly the season but the mechanics. These mechanics were stolen from “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild” . 

Credit: Fortnite


In Chapter 2 Season 5, an entirely new currency system was added to the game. These currencies were Gold, which were again taken from Call of Duty: Warzone.

Credit: Fortnite

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