Breaking Down Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a. MrBeast's True Baseball Potential

MrBeast is one of the most prominent creators YouTube has ever seen. This would lead fans to believe Jimmy always planned to pursue YouTube. However, he once had a bright future in the sport of baseball.

Everything to know about mrbeast’s Baseball craze

Before his meteoric rise on YouTube, Donaldson was a high school student in North Carolina. there he played both baseball and basketball with great fervor.

How bright of a career could MrBeast have had as a Baseball player?

in the 70 games he played, young jimmy scored 81 Hits, 65 RBIs with a batting average of.424 and an OBP of .511. in fact, MaxPreps ranked him as the 212th best player in his state of North Carolina. 

Why did MrBeast choose YouTube over Baseball?

 Jimmy was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he WAS 15 YEARS OLD, hampering his ability to continue the sport. Due to the severe impact it had, he invested all his time into YouTube.

Some top moments of MrBeast as a Baseball Player

At 6 foot 3, Jimmy was a force to reckoned with. His best season saw him stealing 23 bases in 25 attempts.

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