Breaking the Biggest Myths in Fortnite

Chapter 2 of Fortnite gave a lot of memories to players across the world. And with that, it also gave many experiences, like the spaceships, the queen and the myths. Here are the top seven myths, some of which were confirmed to be true. 

Rocket Rides 

It was assumed that one could rocket ride the mechs and with time many people have tried doing so. Turns out, it wasn't just a crazy assumption but it's actually possible. 

Credits: Fortnite

How many players can stand on a UFO?

Risking and breaking the boundaries is human nature, so around 100 gamers tried standing on a UFO while it took to the skies. This just doesn't work. The UFOs ultimately got exhausted, throwing down a few players. 

Credits: Fortnite

Can Llamas use Launchpads?

Testing on animals has been banned but does helping them fly fall under that category? The Fortnite players don't think so. So they tried to help a few Llamas fly using the launch pad in UFOs. And even this does work in Fortnite. 

Credits: Fortnite

Can a parasite stop a sniper bullet?

Parasites get on your head and drain you of health, which may seem like a bad thing. But, they actually serve a purpose. One can use them as a helmet while being in a sniper fight and survive. The bullet kills the parasite saving your head from the parasite and the bullet as well. 

Credits: Fortnite

Can you fly in Fortnite?

With the launch of Ferrari, another question that confused players was if one could fly their car in Fortnite. Well some have tried and have succeeded so yes, in a way you can fly your Ferrari car. 

Credits: Fortnite

What happens when you combine a hopfish and a grapple bow?

When you shoot these arrows with the hopfish you get Spider-Man like powers. Eveyrtime you throw the arrow, you jump in the air or keep swinging forward when you throw them midair. 

Credits: Fortnite

Can you lure Stark robots into rifts?

This was one question that almost everyone had. And yes, it was confirmed when a few players did try to bring these robots into rifts and were successful.

Credits: Fortnite

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