Every 2022 Seasonal Item Which Will Excite Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans

Nintendo has introduced a bunch of new items with the 2.0 update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Furthermore, players are still discovering new things and items with each passing day. Many veterans have already logged in to collect all 2.0 items and improve their accounts. Here we'll talk about the newly launched items.

Shōgatsu event

Shōgatsu is the Japanese New Year, an annual festival with its own customs. Interestingly, developers will introduce two new items during this event. These include the Otoshi Dhamma envelope and the Osechi; both these items are used or gifted during the Japanese New Year’s celebration. 

Credit: Mayor Mori/YouTube

Celebratory Arch and the Zodiac tiger figurine.

 Naturally, users are also able to get some limited items by participating in the New Year Event. These include the 2022 Celebratory Arch and the Zodiac tiger figurine. The 2022 Arch won’t be available if you don’t buy it from Nook Stop till January 5. However, you can always travel back in time to collect these rewards.

Credit- Mayor Mori/YouTube

Nanakusa Gayu and Carnival of Venice

Nanakusa Gayu is a furniture item available from a new seasonal event. Carnival of Venice is another new seasonal event and players can obtain the Venetian Carnival Mask from the event.

Credit: Mayor Mori/YouTube

Sunflower Glass, Maypole, Bath Tub, and Tang Yuan

Solstice Event is covered in two parts depending on the island's location. Sunflower Glasses and Maypole will be available for the Summer Solstice Event, while Bathtub and Tang Yuan will be available for the Winter Solstice event.

Credit- Mayor Mori/YouTube

Tomato Festival T-Shirt

Tomato Festival is another seasonal event celebrated between August 20 to August 31. During this time, players can purchase the Tomato Festival T-shirt from the Nook Stop.

Credit- Mayor Mori/YouTube

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