Everything new coming to Animal Crossing: New HOrizons with 2.0 update

With the new update coming for Animal Crossing New Horizon, we’ve covered a few details that are due within the game. 

New Spots 

At the brewsters the stage seems to have been removed and the whole arena has a new design. Also, you will be able to meet Isabelle in there. 

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

Supporting things to do 

You can get into activities such as group stretching. Also you can now change the timings of shop openings, coordinating with Isabelle. 

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

Island Life 

Now you can get into cooking and do DIY recipes. Grab the veggies from the farm and do all the kitchen work. And that's not it, you can even decorate your place with alot of things.

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

Construction license 

The game will also allow you to get a pro construction license to build bridges and stairs. With this, now you can also build fencing around your house. 

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing


You get to use a pro camera app in the game now, with which you can take pictures of your surroundings. 

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

Custom design 

With this you can now customize your outfit, your wallpaper at your home and you even can change your hairstyles. 

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

 New Reactions

With this, you get eight new reactions for your character in the game. From jamming to stretching.

Credit: youtube.com/AnimalCrossing

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