Fortnite Has Exciting Additions Lined Up For 2022

The latest Chapter of Fortnite has a lot to explore and a number of updates which are yet to hit the game and blow the minds of the community.

Cobra Kai Collab 

The Netflix series Cobra Kai might be the first crossover that would happen in the latest update. It is expected that the collaboration will drop on December 31.

Credit: Fortnite

Weather Update 

Tornadoes have already been in the files of the game and are now expected to be released within the next few weeks. These tornadoes are not the only weather changes in the game, as we will also experience some serious lighting strikes. 

Credit: Fortnite

BuildWrecker Weapon 

There's nothing confirmed yet, but leaks suggest there will be a pistol type weapon that will shred through builds. It's also believed to have a 400 damage rate. 

Credit: Fortnite

Drivable Forklifts 

Fans can certainly expect Forklifts to arrive soon. They will be available in two colors: Orange and Yellow. Their use is yet to be revealed, but one thing is for sure: players will definitely enjoy riding these bad machines. 

Credit: Fortnite

Upcoming POIs

Fortnite has been teasing new POIs from the beginning of Chapter 3. These hidden places were then revealed to be Jobless Palace from the Star Wars movies. 

Credit: Fortnite

 Winter Slone 

This will be a new skin of Slone in a winter theme. The skin will be exclusive to the crew, so anyone who missed a chance to get her skin earlier can now have their hands on this new winter skin. 

Credit: Fortnite

Butter Cake

This one is really cute and adventurous at the same time. Butter cake is a dinosaur which the players can ride in Fortnite. This creature will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Credit: Fortnite

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